IP and XP

Early Warning System IP only

A complete early warning system including pump head mounted sensors providing constant temperature, pressure, vacuum and conductivity checks.

Compensators IP and XP

Available in steel, stainless steel with matched elastomer material.

Flanges IP and XP

Available in steel, stainless steel, polypropylene and PVDF

Hoses IP and XP

A wide range of suction and discharge hoses available in sizes between 1" and 4", pressure tested and fully assembled with mating connections to the pump. Standard spiral hoses with plastic and steel reinforcement. Chemical, oil and food hoses also available.

Pulsation Dampers IP and XP

A wide range of materials available to reduce the pulsation in the discharged fluid.

Vacuum Switch IP only

Checks the vacuum in the pump housing. If a drop in pressure is detected an alarm is sounded.

Conductivity Sensors IP only

Measures the conductivity of the pump lubricant. If this changes an alarm is sounded.


Mobile Pump Accessories

There is a wide range of suction accessories for use with the mobile to allow fluids to be lifted from uneven and difficult to access areas including extension pipes, vacuum attachments, flat and pointed nozzles, skimmers and various suction strainers.

More specialised equipment is also available for hazardous liquids which can be collected in to our transport drum without ever coming in to contact with the pump.

We also offer a wide range of fittings and hoses for use with the Elro mobile peristaltic pumps.

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